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When looking to buy products, you shouldn't settle for anything but the best. Below, you will see all of the categories on our site so that you end up with reviews relevant to your interest.

Our process

Many people wonder how we select the best products in India. So we thought we would go through it. Before digging into the products we will compare we look through Amazon.in and Flipkart to see the best sellers of a specific category, this makes it easy to see what products the market prefer and which products are actually being used by everyday people.

After we have selected between 50-100 products, we simply compare the user reviews as well as the specifics of each product (how fast it is doing the task it is supposed to, how large it is, etc.). We read carefully through all customer reviews to make sure to portray the products with honesty.

Since our readers rather wouldn't like to see a list of 50-100 products, we cut down the list to the 10 best products. We do not test these products ourselves, but we do the extensive research that you otherwise would need to do (going through the products on different sites, checking different specifics and reading hundreds of customer reviews).


Who we are

Our team

We are a team of 6 people looking to build a website that will help the general public pick the best products in India. We personally think that by looking at 1000's of products on a website can be confusing and make it even harder to pick (the more alternatives the harder). That's why we boil the list down to 10 products per article. We also help you figure out what to look for when buying the product so that you will make an educated choice.


Why should you trust us?

We are totally unbiased. This means that we are not affiliated with a company that wants us to promote or list their products higher than their competitors. We do, however, get a small commission for every sale we refer to Amazon, but that does not affect our articles one bit. We also care more about that our readers feel that they can trust our research rather than making money short-term. Your trust is our fuel.

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