A TV is one such electronic device which is found in every Indian household. The advancement in technology has lead to different type of televisions. This also ensures that there is a TV for any budget. While it is great that consumers have a multitude of options. The task of choosing a TV for your home becomes a confusing one.

With different types of TVs like HD, LCD, LED, Smart TVs, Curved and 4K, you are left with hundreds of options to choose from. Added to this is the plethora of brands in the market. We at NIDM want to help you in making a choice. This why we have spent hours researching the best TV for each of the types. All you have to do is, decide on the type of TV(We have articles to help you out with this too) you would like to buy and read our extensive buyers guide. When you are spending thousands on these products, we don’t want you to settle with good enough!

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