An apple a day – Keeps the doctor away! However, in today’s age, eating apples doesn’t help you in keeping the doctor away. Our habits have changed and along with this, the fitness needs have also changed. Exercise has become a must in order to keep ourselves fit and fine. There are many exercise equipment and you would certainly get confused in choosing one.

Treadmills, cycling machines, yoga mats, dumbbells and what not, add to this the plethora of existing options for each of these types of equipment and you would be lost in a sea of options. To keep you away from the chaos, we at NIDM have run the treadmills and skipped the ropes to come up with the list of best of products.

You can just go to the relevant buying guide, read the information and then make a choice from the best. You do not have to scout for the best product and waste your time. We have done that for you because our motto is – Don’t settle for good enough!

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