Should I get a Memory Foam or a Memory Gel mattress?

Sleep is a very important and prominent aspect of living a healthy lifestyle – a big contributor to healthy living. No amount of fitness can really help you if your sleep isn’t proper and/or regular. Proper sleep is necessary for normal functioning and productivity, as, if your body isn’t properly and completely rested, you will face severe fatigue, an overall sense of tiredness, body-aches and so on.

If you consistently have poor sleep, it might lead to blood pressure, heart ailments, back problems, poor mental health, and other ailments. The mattresses we sleep on directly affects our sleep, which is why it is important you choose your mattress after careful consideration and evaluation. Therefore, it is rather important that we take a good hard look to find the perfect mattress for ourselves instead of simply settling with an average one!

The need for a good mattress: Memory Foam vs. Memory Gel

A mattress is a large cushioned pad for the purpose of sleeping. It is required to provide healthy support to your back and neck, along with good body posture, while being comfortable. A poor mattress choice can lead to heightened ill-posture and body-pains, or worsened conditions if you already have back problems.

Mattresses are now made of a variety of materials to cater to the different needs of people – an evolution from the conventional hard spring-coil mattress – such as latex, memory foam, gel, etc.

Although the best mattress is really a personal choice, and varies from person to person – depending on your body type and sleep type and preference – out of all the mattress types, memory foam and memory gel mattress stand out as they scream comfort. They are considered to be two of the best universal mattresses that offer the best resting and sleeping experience, drawing a fine line between rigid-firmness and springy-nature, providing utmost comfort.

However, both these mattresses offer different things and it is important you learn the pros and cons and the health benefits they offer before making a selection. Here is a guide to help you understand them better.

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses usually have a layer of memory foam on the top and bottom sides. The memory foam, as the name suggests, is capable of physical surface retention, in essence, it stores the physical features of the mattress surface when you lie on it. it responds to your body, sleeping position, and your sleep-induced body contours. This way, it is able to reconstruct and customize the surface – just for you – providing a therapeutic sleeping experience.

Due to their property (memory) to remember, they are able to redistribute your entire body weight evenly across the mattress by minimizing the gap between the mattress and your body. This helps relieve the pressure points, especially in the shoulder and hip region, easing your body sprains and muscle cramps.

These mattresses offer amazing support to help keep your spine straight and aligned, with very little motion transfer, meaning, you won’t feel your partner and/or kid(s) moving in the bed, or getting in and out of bed, next to you.

Memory foam mattresses are extremely comfortable and health-conscious, and hence very trendy.

However, they also come with their set of drawbacks, the major disadvantage being that they are too warm. Since memory foam mattresses are essentially made out of layers and layers of foam, heat gets trapped between these layers. Without having a cooling layer to promote airflow for cooling, these mattresses end up holding all this heat while you sleep.

Memory Gel

A memory gel, or simply gel mattress is a mix between the memory foam and gel mattresses, containing the best of both their features. The gel is infused with the memory foam to create the perfect padding in such mattresses, providing utmost and balanced comfort and support.

This padding material is extremely durable and offers plenty of room for breathing, and hence no room for overheating; meaning, unlike the memory foam mattresses, these mattresses will not heat up and make you sweat while you sleep, and instead will provide cool and soothing sleep. Many people prefer these memory gel mattresses not only for its cooling effect, but also for its spring.

Just like the memory foam mattresses, these mattresses too are capable of physical surface memory retention and can return to their original shape when you get up, as well as reconstruct the mattress surface as per their property (memory) of your body and sleeping position in almost no time!

The downsides of these mattresses include relatively higher weight and price. The gel used in these mattresses is a slightly modified variation of the ones used in cow pads, hence the relatively higher weight. They are also pricey, as compared to the memory foam mattresses. Another concern is that a lot of people experience the cooling effect of the mattress deteriorating and wearing over time.

Which one is best for you?

There are so many different types of mattresses available in the market today that it is important you do your research before selecting one that is big enough – has adequate foot room (keeping your height and bed size in mind) and best suits your lifestyle, sleeping position, body type while catering to all your needs and comfort requirement. We advise you to try out different mattresses before really making a decision.

Needless to say, this is an extremely personalized task. Besides your personal preference, few key factors to keep in mind:

While both memory foam and memory gel mattresses provide utmost comfort, support and body contouring without creaking, squeaking and sagging, helping in relieving the pressure points, a memory foam mattress has very little to no motion transfer, whereas a memory gel mattress provides cooling, which is otherwise absent in memory foam mattresses.

Once again, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of individual and personal preference over everything else!

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